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Founded in 2015 by longtime cycling supporter, Jerry Chabot, NEXT Cycling builds high quality wheels designed for cyclocross, mountain and road performance. NEXT has a clear social mission to contribute to the growth and health of the cycling community via advocacy and athlete development.  


Jerry's thoughts


SCS and DT End Cap Update

Jerry Chabot

Another update on The State of SCS. A load of DT end cap stock hit QBP, so I went ahead and locked some down for the DT240s. If you want an SCS kit or a build for your DT 240 hubs, I can get you the whole kit now and save you chasing those parts. Same price, but the front end caps will be factory DT parts.

Had a lot of enquiries about whether you need the front caps. Well, of course that depends on your bike, and I will not get in the middle and act as a Diverge model expert. Bike shops are GREAT at that. Here is my summary, and again model specific stuff is up to you - go look at one in your LBS and see what it has for axles:  

  • If you have a Specialized Diverge, it is SCS from factory. If it is a quick release bike, just buy a wheels manufacturing replacement hanger and install that, and then you have a normal bike. However, you will now need normal, NOT SCS wheels for that bike or your shifting may be really messed up (think about where the derailleur is relative to the small cog now that you got rid of the dogleg SCS hanger). We build great wheels, just FYI. 
  • If you have a Diverge DSW, D'Alusio Smart Weld, it should have a QR rear and a 12x100mm front through axle. You will need 12mm end caps, which I can provide you. This DSW model SCS kit, while poorly named, is available in the store as an axle option under the SCS kit item.
  • If you have a through axle Diverge, you need the SCS kit. CHECK YOUR FRONT AXLE SIZE. They advertised these bikes in 2015 as 12x100 but many shipped as 15x100 due to a delivery issue with the Roval hubs. So take it out and compare it to your rear through axle. Rear are 12x142. If it is bigger, you have a 15x100, and you only need REAR end caps. This is an option in the SCS item again. If it is the same diameter/thickness as the rear, you have 12x100 and you need the full kit.

Hope this adds additional clarity!