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Founded in 2015 by longtime cycling supporter, Jerry Chabot, NEXT Cycling builds high quality wheels designed for cyclocross, mountain and road performance. NEXT has a clear social mission to contribute to the growth and health of the cycling community via advocacy and athlete development.  


Jerry's thoughts


MTB Hookless Quiver of One

Jerry Chabot

So this is fun. We took our test set of 29'er tubeless ready wheels and rather than stan's them up to some Specialized 2Bliss tires, I mounted them with tubes and Challenge open tubular Baby Limus. I think Challenge open tubular is still hands down the best non tubular tire on the market, and are my "travel tires" when I fly to races. I pack all four sets of tires - Chicane, Grifo, Baby Limus, Limus and one set of clinchers, in the bike bag with the bike - BOOM.   (why can't I embed pictures here?)

I have run these with latex tubes and butyl tubes with great success. The feel is as close as you will get to your tubies, and the treads behave the same, etc. My only issue has been that you need to use at least a 23mm rim or at low pressure you will throw a bead. Hmmm, enter hookless tubeless ready rims. I decided to toss a pair on these and see how it sat. It sits GREAT. The size match seems awesome, they mounted super easy by hand, and the bead sits waaaay down there in the rim channel. The 27mm wide rims spread the tire out really nice and allows a really low pressure without sidewall folding, which is typically my limiter. 

We will be testing the MTB rim verses the 25mm road tubeless rim in CX conditions with various tires and then decide what we like best.