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Founded in 2015 by longtime cycling supporter, Jerry Chabot, NEXT Cycling builds high quality wheels designed for cyclocross, mountain and road performance. NEXT has a clear social mission to contribute to the growth and health of the cycling community via advocacy and athlete development.  


Jerry's thoughts


SCS Kit Installation Instructions

Jerry Chabot

I made some installation instructions to hold you over. We have FANCY videos coming soon that should be really helpful. Start up problems, so for now we just have these instructions.


Contents: The kit contains a modified cassette and four (4) SCS end caps.

End caps: The long cap always goes on the rotor side. The fronts have the small diameter stub extending past the dust cover/collar on one end, the rears do not, and are a single extended tube and a dust cover/collar.

The fronts push into the inner bearing race and should need to be tapped in or pressed very firmly in by hand. That way, you do not need to reuse the press ring that holds the stock DT end cap in place, which is hard to work with and can trap grit and rub on the end cap. If you cannot push on by hand, simply tap in with a soft faced mallet. To remove, tap out from the opposite side with a long narrow punch. Tap on the inner face of the end cap, not on the bearing.

The rear slides OVER the rear axle tube and are a snug hand fit. Removal should also be a firm hand removal process.

The cassette comes with a 1mm thick cassette spacer and a super thin 0.3mm spacer. These are located under the lock ring and 11 cog on the cassette holder/packaging for safe secure shipping, so please make sure to look for them between the first two cogs on the stack when you unpack the cassette.

 You place the 1mm thick spacer (a standard 10 speed cassette spacer) on the freehub first, and then the cassette, just as with any 10 speed cassette. These modified 11 speed cassettes still require this spacer as part of the SCS kit.

Step by Step Installation: 

Step 1: Place 1mm thick spacer on freehub (do not confuse with the 0.3 very thin flexible spacer also included)

Step 2: Install cassette on freehub

Step 3: Using lock ring tool, tighten down cassette lock ring very tight. You should feel the "ratcheting" clicks as the lock ring engages the detents on the 11 cog.  You should tighten until these clicks are very distinct and almost does not want to tighten further. This step is to “set in” the new cassette and seat all the cogs and spacers snugly.

Step 4: Using chain whip and lock ring tool, loosen the lock ring, but do not removed completely.

Step 5: Using lock ring tool, tighten the lock ring again. Since the cassettes are new, it is recommended to cycle them once like this to get them fully compressed and seated so that they don't loosen up on the first ride. Again, tighten fully until the lock ring detent clicks are very distinct and firm.

Step 6: Check if cogs are tight to one another as they should be.

Step 6A: Tight? Ride your bike. Check that cogs are still tight as they should be. If so, you are done!

Step 6B: Loose? Proceed to Step 7.

Step 7: If cogs feel loose at all, you need to install the thin, flexible, 0.3mm shim in addition to the thick, stiff 1.0mm shim. This case is the result of the various manufacturing tolerances of shims, cassettes, and freehub. Remove cassette fully, add 0.3mm shim, and repeat from Step 1. Do NOT add another 1.0mm spacer or your cassette will hit your frame upon installation of the wheel!

Step 8: Ride your bike. Check that cogs are still tight as they should be. If so, you are done! If not, PLEASE CONTACT US. We are here to help!