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Founded in 2015 by longtime cycling supporter, Jerry Chabot, NEXT Cycling builds high quality wheels designed for cyclocross, mountain and road performance. NEXT has a clear social mission to contribute to the growth and health of the cycling community via advocacy and athlete development.  


Jerry's thoughts


2016 Specialized Compatibility is here!

Jerry Chabot

If you bought a 2016 Specialized through axle bike, like the carbon Crux, you probably just got it in your hot little hands and brought it home to put your through axle disc wheels on it, probably tubies for RACING!!! HOORAY CYCLOCROSS RACING!!! WOOOOO!!!!!

Wait. What? This looks... wait a minute... are these end caps not seated? This darn wheel won't even go in the frame?!? 


Calm, take a seat, breathe into this bag...we have to have a talk. Shhhhhh.... there there....better? Ready? Ok, here it is... You have been SCS'd. The good news is, you are on the cutting edge of disc brake integration. (oh dear, we shouldn't have said "cutting" at a time like this). Sorry! You are on the bleeding edge of disc brake integration! OH GOD, SORRY! SORRY! BREATHE INTO THE BAG!

Let's try this again. Errm, you are the proud owner of the most well designed road disc bike ON THE PLANET! You will have zero issues with your heels hitting mountain bike width chainstays. You will have zero issues with chainline in crossed up gear combinations. You will have zero issues with custom Q factor cranks, or wider than standard Q factor cranks. Your bike, dear reader, is ENGINEERED to perform perfectly. It is a beautifully engineered system.  Great news!

But... there is a catch. It is a system. Your lovely new bicycle will only work with the wheels that came on it. Or, with any other wheelset designed for the SCS system. Currently, there are exactly ONE such wheelset, Specialized Roval. You have a couple sets of those, right? No? BETTER NEWS! There is now a second option! NEXT wheels! 

We have engineered an SCS compatibility kit that will transform our standard wheels into a race ready, tubular or clincher or tubeless clincher SYSTEM for your Crux! (queue heavenly music and angels)

We are also making this kit available to you for your existing DT350 through axle based wheelset that you maybe already own! Or maybe you think we are judgemental jerks who won't sell you 80mm deep Tee Dubs for your cross whip, and you need to roll large! Well, ROLL ON, BROCHACHO! Just buy our kit, buy yourself some sweet DT hubs, and build yourself up some baller wheels that we will silently mock!  Its a free country! #MURICA! It is your right to ride whatever wheels you want (even if ours are better). 

We even think that our kit will work on DT 240 hubs, and we are testing that now. So maybe you will even be able to run those quick release DT 240 Enve 1.25's you sold a kidney for last year! WE APPROVE! That is a baller set up! We think we will be able to convert you to through axle AND SCS and help you have the sexiest Crux in your neighborhood.

See? We're alright!  Now go buy something.